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Online Training Options for Vendors in the Fraud and Payment Industry

Training programs focused on understanding, selling and positioning products and services related to payment and fraud management in the CNP channel.

The Fraud Practice offers a catalog of 40+ individual training courses geared towards different job roles and functions within a business that operates in, or has clients in, the Customer Not Present channel. The following courses are geared towards vendors offering products or services related to risk management and fraud mitigation in the CNP channel.

Doing business online is very different than opening a corner store, and merchants operating in the CNP channel expect their vendors and service providers to understand the ins-and-outs of the eCommerce and MOTO (Mail-Order-Telephone-Order) channels better than they do. For the CNP market, electronic payments and fraud are intertwined, and one of the best ways to demonstrate value with merchants is to be able to show you understand and can provide real insight on how to optimize and maintain a healthy payment and fraud operation.

The Fraud Practice offers several courses focused on positioning, selling and managing merchant payment and fraud mitigation related products and services for the CNP channel. Between courses focused on sales positioning, managing chargebacks, fraud in the CNP channel and merchant fraud risks, there are many courses and subjects that will benefit sales and account management professionals working in the eCommerce channel.


Vendor Training Courses and Topics

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