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Online Training Options for Acquirers

Training programs focused on merchant underwriting, chargebacks, risk management and other topics important to acquirers and payment service providers operating in the CNP channel.

The Fraud Practice offers a catalog of 40+ individual training courses geared towards different job roles and functions within a business that operates in the Customer Not Present channel. The following courses are most pertinent to merchants selling online or over the phone as they focus payments, risk and fraud prevention for the CNP channel.

The risks for accepting payments online or over the phone are far greater than when taking payment with the Customer Present. Additionally, as an acquiring bank or payment service provider offering services in the CNP channel, the risk of a merchant client being fraudulent, being attacked by fraud, going bankrupt or going out of business can be greater as well. It is not only important for an acquirer or PSP to understand merchant fraud, risks and underwriting considerations in the CNP channel, but they must also be able to converse with merchant clients about chargeback management, risk management and payment fraud. The following courses from The Fraud Practice are intended for sales personnel, client relationship managers and others representing an acquirer, ISO or PSP and focus on topics specific to these issues in the CNP channel.


Acquirer Training Courses and Topics

individual Courses
Merchant Risk
Sales Positioning