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CNP Training

by The Fraud Practice

Online Learning. uses The Fraud Practice Inc's online training portal which offers on-demand web based training related to eCommerce payments and fraud. Offering career tracks for fraud reviewers up to senior executives. Of course you always have the option to simply choose the courses that you think you really need. All courses are SCORM compliant, offering 3 to 5 lessons ranging from 10 to 20 minutes each with session quizzes for key concept retention and course exams to indicate you have successfully mastered a subject.


The Fraud Practice offer companies and individuals training options for Online, in-house and webinar based training on a variety of topics. Companies can choose from our prepared courses, job role or career track based programs or they can have complete customized training that can incorporate the application and use of their in-house fraud tools into their own on demand online programs.

The Instructors


  • David Montague, is the Founder of the Fraud Practice with over 20 years experience in eCommerce and 17 years in Fraud Prevention. He is a recognized professional speaker who has been featured at conferences worldwide.

  • Mr. Montague is a published author, having written "Fraud Prevention Techniques For Credit Card Fraud" (published 2004) and “Essentials of Online Payment Security and Fraud Prevention (published 2010).


  • Justin McDonald, is a Senior Risk Management Consultant with over 9 years of experience in eCommerce and payment risk management, working directly with merchants, payment and risk vendors as well as private equity firms in the industry.

  • Mr. McDonald has spoken and presented report findings at events including the MRC and CNP Expo. In addition to being the lead instructor for many of The Fraud Practice's training courses, Mr. McDonald is an adjunct instructor of economics at State College of Florida.

The Online Training Portal


Through our online training portal you are able to access course lessons, quizzes and exams 24/7 and on your schedule. The online training portal is our web based system for attending lessons, downloading course materials as well as taking course quizzes and exams.

As you complete coure lessons or multiple courses as part of a Certification Track, your progress and grades are maintained through the system. Courses are broken down into 10 to 20 minute sessions which can be taken one lesson at a time with the progress maintained. Additionally, a lesson can be stopped and returned to days later resuming where you left off. The online training portal also enables you to review past quiz and exam grades and answers in preparation for the next exam.

The Fraud Practice’s online professional training and certification programs count towards continuing professional education requirements to maintain the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) professional designation, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Each of The Fraud Practice’s online training courses and Certification Tracks have final exams, and each provide Certificates of Completion, meeting criteria for Self-Study CPE credits. Student attendance, completion and grade information is maintained in The Fraud Practice’s online training Learning Management System (LMS), so records can be easily provided to validate completion of CPE credit hours.


T. Lee, Director Product Marketing, Transaction Network Services

The training courses provide a lot of information, sometimes I have to pause to take notes. But overall there isn’t too much information in a single session and the topics are discussed in a logical order, so the sessions flow well.

E. Dietrich, VP Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services, ACI Worldwide

The visual representation is very, very impressive - top notch. The flow charts and graphics break down technical and high level topics into very easy to understand visual representations. Everything is broken down in a way that can be applied to real business issues.

D. Billings, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

I would definitely say that the material was fantastic. It was really on par, and thorough. I thought it matched the industry very well.

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