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 Introduction to eIdentity Authentication and Verification 

The Introduction to eIdentity Authentication and Verification training course establishes a baseline understanding of the components that make up a consumer identity when transacting or submitting application from the online channel with a focus on authenticating and verifying the consumer's identity. The course includes detailed discussions on the methods for establishing eIdentity as well as specific authentication and verification techniques.


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eIdentity Authentication & Verification

  • How well do you know your customer?  Without a doubt the most critical component of managing risk from online orders is in being able to establish a comfort in your customer’s identity. Unlike the brick and mortar world, where you can look your customer in the eye and can ask to see identification, in the eCommerce world you are relying on your ability to assess an electronic profile of the customer: their eIdentity.


    This course was last updated in January, 2019 with new information added to each lesson discussing specific tools and techniques for performing the three components of establishing eIdentity: data quality, authentication and verification checks. HTML5 - compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.