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 Successful Strategies for Chargeback Representment 

This course provides an in-depth discussion on how merchants should approach chargeback representment and dispute management, with an emphasis on the eCommerce and Card Absent environment. The Fraud Practice groups, organizes and makes sense of the many requirements and policies regarding chargebacks and representment as set forth in the card association merchant processing guidelines, while providing clear and concise strategies and tips for re-presenting over 15 different types of common chargebacks covering more than 60 chargeback reason codes across the four major card association networks.


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Chargeback Representment

  • A course focused on the best practices and effective strategies for chargeback dispute management. It is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the chargeback and representment lifecycle, process flow and parties involved; the steps and procedures to follow from when the chargeback was received until it is reversed; and the specific documentation, evidence and strategies needed for disputing chargebacks based on the chargeback reason.


    This course was last updated in May, 2018 to reflect the recent Visa dispute process changes. Offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.