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Training Courses for ACFE CPE Credits


The Fraud Practice’s online professional training and certification programs count towards continuing professional education requirements to maintain the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certificaiton as well as meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) professional designation, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Most individual training courses provide 1 or 2 Fraud-Related CPE credits, while professional certification tracks range from 5 to 20 CPE credit hours. The Certification Tracks and Individual Courses tabs below provide lists of all programs and their CPE credit details.

Certification Tracks
by CPE Credit Hours
Courses Earning 2 or more
CPE Credit Hours
Courses Earning 1
CPE Credit Hour
Continuing Education for Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)

The Association of Fraud Examiners (ACFE) requires Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) to maintain their credentials by earning at least 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits each year, with at least 10 of these hours being related to the detection and deterrence of fraud.

Each of The Fraud Practice’s online training courses and Certification Tracks have final exams, and each provide Certificates of Completion, meeting criteria for Self-Study CPE credits. Student attendance, completion and grade information is maintained in The Fraud Practice’s online training Learning Management System (LMS), so records can be easily provided to validate completion of CPE credit hours.

Our training programs are considered Fraud-Related CPE credits, with courses falling under Check and Credit Card Fraud, Computer and Internet Fraud, and Consumer Fraud categories.

If you previously completed training programs purchased from or elsewhere from The Fraud Practice, these can count towards CPE credit requirements within the 12 month period of when the course was completed. Upon completion of the course by passing the final exam certificates are provided automatically. Please contact your training course instructor for an additional certificate that includes the total CPE credit hours earned printed on it, as per ACFE requirements.

Fraud Prevention Techniques

4 CPE Credit Hours

An introduction to 40 plus online fraud prevention techniques including what they are, high level discussion on how to employ them and big picture considerations for using them.


1 CPE Credit Hour

This course covers the essential information about chargebacks everyone on a risk team needs to know, from the manual review staff to the risk manager. The course defines chargebacks and other key terminology, details the representment process and discusses the evidence needed to dispute chargebacks and respond to retrieval requests.

4 CPE Credit Hours

Geolocation & Device Identification

2 CPE Credit Hours

A focused online training course covering the use cases and methods for integrating and making use of geolocation data and device identification in the context of a fraud strategy.


1 CPE Credit Hour

This course discusses how information used for phishing may be obtained and the high risk activity fraudsters or bots may display, including the application of techniques, technologies and third party services related to phishing, spear phishing and associated risk.


Introduction to eIdentity Authentication & Verification

1 CPE Credit Hour

“The Introduction to e-Identity course was very beneficial for me. It did an excellent job defining and differentiating the concepts of authentication and verification.”

— D. England, Fraud Prevention & Payments Services Manager, MonaVie


Making Sense of the Fraud Vendor Landscape

1 CPE Credit Hour

“One of the courses I really enjoyed was Making Sense of the Fraud Vendor Landscape. I am very familiar with these fraud prevention companies, but I had never grouped them or thought of these vendors in the way they are categorized and defined here.”

— K. Volker, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

1 CPE Credit Hour

1 CPE Credit Hour

1 CPE Credit Hour

Build and Manage High Performing Risk Teams

1 CPE Credit Hour

Part of our Management Training Series, this course provides a detailed approach to managing fraud and security teams with examples and applications of two different ways of defining and describing how risk management is actually applied. This includes application of the four fundamental pillars of risk management as well as a four component effort and resource allocation plan for maintaining risk management strategies over the long-run.

Account Takeover

1 CPE Credit Hour

Account takeover and related concepts are defined as well as techniques organizations can employ to mitigate account takeover risk. This course also includes discussions about third party tools and services and how they can be used to identify and prevent account takeover fraud.

Custom Modeling & Analytics

2 CPE Credit Hours

This course provides thorough discussion and explanation of the concepts, terms and definitions related to the use of custom statistical models for fraud and risk management applications. This includes discussing types models of and approaches to modeling, defining the required components of a custom modeling solution, understanding factors that dictate modeling performance and success, and discussing specific vendors that offer varying levels of custom modeling components and services.

Buyer Fraud

1 CPE Credit Hour

This course outlines many different signals that high risk buyers may show by looking at factors such as their account activity, profile data, behavior and other signals that can be seen when using different anti-fraud tools and techniques.


Introduction to Fraud Manual Review Tools

1 CPE Credit Hour

“The Manual Review Tools course provided a lot of practical and useful information for merchants – it covered different sources for manual look-ups and what to look for when using them.”

— J. Ruzicka, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional


eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification

23 CPE Credit Hours

“The content in the eCommerce Fraud Professional program is relevant, the material is spot on, and the content addresses all the important issues pertaining to the eCommerce market.”

— M. Mosman, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

3-DS 2.0 and SCA

2 CPE Credit Hours

3-D Secure programs are explained in the context of the benefits and value they provide organizations with details around implementation, SCA compliance and liability shift requirements.

Manage Risk Teams to Deliver with Speed

1 CPE Credit Hour

Part of our Management Training Series, this course defines and discusses the application of a methodology for managing risk in the near-, medium- and long-term by balancing different fraud and risk management initiatives. This methodology enables risk teams to respond with promptly while continuing to manage longer-term goals.

Chargeback Representment

2 CPE Credit Hours

A course focused on the best practices and effective strategies for chargeback dispute management. It is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the chargeback and representment lifecycle, process flow and parties involved; the steps and procedures to follow from when the chargeback was received until it is reversed; and the specific documentation, evidence and strategies needed for disputing chargebacks based on the chargeback reason.

Operations Specialist

The eCommerce Operations Specialist Track is for those individuals that have responsibility to manage personnel within a fraud team as it provides the working background knowledge you need to know to provide meaningful support to your team. This track serves as the middle ground between a Fraud Agent and Fraud Professional providing training in operational as well as strategic areas.

11 CPE Credit Hours

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