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Introduction to Accepting Mobile Payments  

As mobile phones become more ubiquitous in the market while offering greater access to online media rich content, it was only natural that consumers would want ways to make payments using their mobile devices. The fact is, in some regions of the world, like China, there are exponentially more consumers with cell phones than credit cards. Having the ability to take payments on mobile devices provides access to larger potential consumer populations. 


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Mobile Payments

  • Mobile payments, unlike credit card payments, aren't a one size fits all concept. There are actually a number of different programs for taking payment through a mobile device, and some of these may not ever give you the market adoption you are looking for. Mobile payments have existed in the eCommerce market for several years, but with mobile payments growing at the point-of-sale the concepts and uses for mobile payments are still developing.


    This course was last updated in February, 2019 to include updated statistics and discussions around mobile phone and smartphone ownership, mobile wallets, mobile wallet users and marketshare in the United States. Offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.