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Lots of Training Options

The Fraud Practice offers a 40+ course catalog covering a variety of topics and subjects. With 41 individual courses offered you can be sure to find the topics that are really important to you. Any of the courses can be taken individually online at your own pace, and many are also available as part of a Certification Track.

Our online training catalog includes courses coming from a variety of topics related to payments and fraud in the Customer Not Present (CNP) channel. We offer ePayments focused courses discussing eCommerce card based and many alternative payment methods, as well how to assess and select ePayment options. As it relates to fraud in the CNP channel there are courses related to fraud basics, fraud signals, fraud tools, electronic identity, and manual order reviews. There are courses focused on designing an internal fraud strategy and shopping for third party vendors. Additionally, there are courses on highly specific topics including chargeback management, merchant underwriting as well as tax and compliance considerations. Browse the full catalog below, all of the courses are available online and can be started today.


Training Courses and Topics

individual Courses
Fraud Strategy & Solutions
Fraud Management
Fraud Operations
Tax & Compliance
Account Takeover (ATO)
certification tracks

Certification Tracks

The Fraud Practice offers 10 Certification Tracks geared towards different job roles and functions within a business that operates in the Customer Not Present channel. The following Certification Tracks are most pertinent to merchants selling online or over the phone as they provide best practices and training for specific roles and job functions including manual review and order screening, payment optimization, fraud prevention, chargeback management, management for multiple operational roles, and risk management from the executive level.


Career Tracks for different job roles, functions and levels of experience:

Certification and training for several positions and responsibilities within a merchant or business that operates online or in the CNP channel. Whether looking for training for staff or for yourself, there are Certification Tracks ideal for order screening and manual review staff, experienced risk personnel including team supervisors, operations and chargeback specialists, as well as subject matter experts versed in fraud or payments for the CNP channel.

Custom Tracks

Custom Tracks Available. Looking for training courses that cover specific subject matter and meet your unique needs? Or maybe as a payment service provider you'd like to offer merchant clients online training on not only how to prevent fraud and reduce chargebacks in the CNP channel, but how to effectively use the reporting tools and interface you offer.

If you are an individual looking to take a grouping of courses not part of an existing Certification Track The Fraud Practice may be able to bundle 5 or more courses to develop a custom track with the exact courses you need. Bundling individual courses into a custom track can offer cost savings. Please call The Fraud Practice at 1-888-227-0402 for more information.

Often payment service and fraud solution providers offer their clients tools and web-based systems for payment and fraud reporting and management. However, the extent to which providers teach clients how to use these tools effectively for payment reporting and risk management can vary greatly. The Fraud Practice offers multiple training courses and Certification Tracks geared toward specific functions within payment and fraud management - such as with courses and Certification Tracks for Fraud Professionals and Chargeback Specialists. Building off the best practices and techniques taught in the Certification Tracks and training courses, The Fraud Practice can develop custom training programs specific to the tools, services and systems you offer.


For more information please contact The Fraud Practice.

Custom Tracks

Group Training Options

Group Training Options. Looking to train existing staff or new hires? The Fraud Practice offers several Certification Tracks for different levels of experience and job functions, and when training groups of multiple people we can offer group training discounts.

Get new hires up to speed faster and with less overhead costs with Certification Tracks and training courses from The Fraud Practice. Train existing staff to take on new roles as a Chargeback SpecialistFraud AgentOperations SpecialistPayment Specialist and more. When purchasing training programs for a group or for staff training there can be cost savings.

Additionally with group or staff training, a lead member of your organization can be the program "Facilitator" and monitor the course progress and grades of all members in the group taking the training courses or tracks. This feature is available free of charge and can be used to monitor the progress of staff through training courses or certification tracks, and when training seasonal staff or new hires the Facilitator account will still be active.

Contact The Fraud Practice for more information, or call us at 1-888-227-0402.

Group Training
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