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Certified eCommerce Fraud Professional

Professional Distinction


The eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification is a comprehensive online training program intended for experienced professionals in eCommerce payments and fraud.

Professionals holding the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certification have completed an extensive educational program; have had their experience in the industry verified;  have had peer and managerial references verified and can show they have successfully presented to their peers as a subject matter expert in the ecommerce fraud or payments industry.


The eCommerce Fraud Professional is our highest level of professional recognition requiring extensive training, examinations, as well as validation of professional experience and references related to working with eCommerce and fraud. The eCommerce Fraud Professional is considered a Subject Matter Expert in the customer not present (CNP) channel.

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16 Included Courses at a Bundled and Reduced Cost
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Candidates must complete an educational program of 16 training courses, each with multiple lessons, quizzes course exams as well as a cumulative final exam; and also must prove their experience in the industry. To hold the eCommerce Fraud Professional certification a candidate must complete the structured course regimen and be manually vetted upon applying for the program to confirm their professional experience in the industry. Once admitted into the program candidates must prove they are considered a Subject Matter Expert in the CNP payments and fraud space.


  1. Have a minimum of six (6) months experience in a fraud prevention role and one (1) year experience in an eCommerce industry job role.

  2. Have two (2) peer references of past or present co-workers from an eCommerce and/or fraud prevention related job role.

  3. Have one (1) managerial reference from an eCommerce/fraud prevention related job role. 

  4. Candidate must show they are a Subject Matter Expert in the eCommerce and fraud prevention industry by one or more of the following:

    1. ​By speaking or presenting at a recognized professional industry event or trade show (such as the MRC, DRF, CNP Expo, etc.);

    2. By writing an original document, article, white paper or other publication that is available in the public domain (such as on a public website or professional blog).

      Note: For candidates that do not already meet either of these requirements, The Fraud Practice provides a channel for publishing an article online to meet this requirement.



D. England, Fraud Prevention & Payments Services Manager, MonaVie

I really enjoyed the eCommerce Fraud Professional training program, and it was actually more comprehensive than I was expecting. I have already recommended it to others.

M. Mosman, Solutions Consultant, LexisNexis

I have previously taken other training programs, but there was a lot of minutia. The content in the eCommece Fraud Professional program is relevant, the material is spot on, and the content addresses all the important issues pertaining to the eCommerce market.

J. Ruzicka, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

Much of the material or advice given in the eCommerce Fraud Professional training program we already tell merchant clients to do as best practices, but I learned several new things to tell them as well. I also learned some new terminology that will help us converse with merchants about these topics.

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