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Introduction to eCommerce Merchant Underwriting 

When assessing the risk of a business applying for a merchant account, what factors are most important? Are merchants simply approved or denied, or are there conditions and controls used to be able to underwrite a merchant? Do you know when and which credit controls are best used, or how requiring reserves or having a sales cap affects the potential pool of merchant clients?


These are all considerations when assessing the risk of a merchant and these are all topics covered in the Introduction to eCommerce Merchant Underwriting course. This training session teaches about the controls used to mitigate credit and fraud risk when underwriting eCommerce merchants and provides key formulas for calculating merchant risk metrics related to chargebacks, refunds and non-delivery. 


We Want 100% Satisfaction: There is nothing worse than signing up for training only to find out that it wasn't on the topic you expected, or it wasn't advanced enough to provide value. If you have any doubt about the fit of a course to your particular needs, please give us a call. We will be happy to discuss the course, and to provide a more detailed overview on the content to ensure you make the most of your training dollars and time.

Merchant Underwriting

  • In this session you will  learn about the factors and traits of a merchant that influence their level of risk, the various controls acquirers use to mitigate risk, and how mandating certain controls can restrict the pool of potential merchant clients.


    This course was last updated in August, 2017. It is offered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.


B. Holmes, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

For a merchant starting business, if they know about these training programs it would save them a lot of trouble down the road. Unfortunately many don’t learn about fraud until it is too late.

E. Dietrich, VP Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services, ACI Worldwide

The training program is fantastic. You don’t have to download anything, it runs quickly and easily right on your web browser. You can pause and go back to write down or review information, play and navigate through the lessons seamlessly.

T. Hornbaker, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

With my experience I thought I would breeze through the training program with no problem, but I’m finding myself challenged in some aspects and learning things I haven’t seen before.

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