Certified Chargeback Professional

Professional Distinction


Professionals certified as an eCommerce Chargeback Professional have completed intermediate and advanced level training courses focused specifically on profiling high risk buyers, performing in-house chargeback analytics, and how to perform chargeback re-presentment to dispute them, along with what information and compelling evidence can help win your case.

eCommerce Chargeback Professionals are often managers or directors of post-transaction management or chargeback dispute teams. They have extensive experience in and may still perform operational post-transaction processes like chargeback reconciliation, analytics and re-presentment, but are typically either Senior level chargeback or dispute analysts, or manage or direct one or more post-transaction management teams.


Those holding the eCommerce Chargeback Professional Certification represent many merchants, and leaders of in-house chargeback and friendly-fraud-fighting teams. Fraud solution providers and acquirers also have many Chargeback Professionals as internal assets, as these organizations can manage chargeback representment or offer other services to their merchant clients. Those who hold this Certification have job responsibilities such as handling high value re-presentment cases, training and managing chargeback dispute analysts, as well as creating or updating dispute management procedures, protocols, templates and other formal documentation to increase win rates.

eCommerce Chargeback Professionals Represent

Types of Organizations
Career Roles
  • Senior Chargeback Analyst

  • Senior Chargeback Manager

  • Senior Customer Dispute Manager

  • Senior Chargeback Specialist

  • Re-Presentment Specialist

  • Senior Dispute Specialist

  • Manager, Chargeback Team

  • Operations Manger, Chargebacks

  • Manager, Post-Transaction Management

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