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MasterCard Chargeback Reason Codes

MasterCard Reason Codes

MasterCard uses four-digit numbers for their chargeback reason codes, each beginning with 48 as the first two digits. Some acquirers, processors or PSPs may just provide the last two digits of the reason code in their data reporting, as that is all that is needed to distinguish between the reason codes and recognize the chargeback description.


MasterCard eliminated some reason codes while condensing or combining others in 2016. There are now 19 different reason codes and while MasterCard does not group or categorize these in a way like Visa disputes, we have organized these into four similar groups below.

Fraud Related Chargeback Reason Codes
Authorization Related Chargeback Reason Codes
Processing Error Related Chargeback Reason Codes
Customer Dispute Related Chargeback Reason Codes
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