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Training Options on Best Practices for Fraud Vendor Selection

There are over 200 fraud vendors servicing the marketThe Fraud Solution Provider marketplace exploded from a handful of vendors in the early 2000’s to over 200 vendors offering services to merchants and businesses in the CNP channel today. The fact is, at some point in a company’s lifetime they will end up considering, directly or indirectly, the use of a managed service provider or fraud solution provider for some or all of their fraud management needs. But the notion that all managed services and fraud solution providers are the same or can be discussed with an apples-to–apples comparison just isn’t the reality of the market.


The Fraud Practice offers several online fraud training programs focused on the process of discussing and selecting third party vendors for fraud prevention and managed services. These training programs will help you learn about your options in the fraud and payment vendor landscape, learn how to prepare for your search for a vendor, and teach you how to categorize and compare vendors to make sure you are selecting the right vendor for your company. The Introduction to Managed Services for CNP Fraud Prevention course provides an overarching definition of what a managed service is with respect to the scopes of coverage the different types of managed service providers offer. But with so many vendors servicing the market it is best to categorize and group like vendors to make more accurate comparisons as discussed in the Making Sense of the Fraud Vendor Landscape course.


Further building off this information the Fundamentals for Selecting a Fraud Solution Provider course is intended for those looking to gain an understanding to the fraud solution marketplace in addition to the fraud solution providers servicing that market. Tools, techniques, solutions, strategies, signals and outcomes are all discussed in the context of designing a fraud prevention strategy with the eCommerce Fraud: Moving from Tools to Solutions course. This is a core curriculum course that covers what constitutes a fraud solution and categorizes the many types of third party fraud tools while discussing the common terminology of fraud solutions and how to describe the capabilities needed to implement a fraud solution.

High Quality Training

We provide the highest quality professionally created and presented courses and Certification Tracks which are available on multiple platforms from anywhere in the world based on your schedule through our online training portal.

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"This comprehensive training is guiding you through all the basics of fraud management and is a great help when building up knowledge regarding ecommerce card not present fraud. I'd recommend this course to every new member of a fraud management team to get them kickstart the required skills and start understanding not only the nature of credit card fraud, but also how the credit card ecommerce infrastructure is working in general. The modules are well-explained and the access via is easy and convenient."

- C. Bründlinger, Payment and Fraud Manager, Travian Games GmbH

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