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Expert Level Courses for Managing Fraud Teams and Risk Management Resources

If you are doing business in the CNP channel than you are at risk for fraud. The following online training programs from The Fraud Practice provide practical knowledge on how to better manage fraud in a CNP business and how to effectively manage risk teams and resources. These programs focus on what goes into building a fraud mitigation program and managing a risk strategy, including things like building a fraud team and how to interact with them.

Two recent additions to The Fraud Practice's online training catalog are courses in our Management and Leadership series focused on building and managing fraud and security teams. Building and Managing High Performing Risk Teams discusses different methodologies and approaches for leading teams and directing resources. Following on with more information is the Managing Risk Teams to Deliver with Speed course, which focuses on how to organize, plan and allocate risk management teams and resources so they can quickly mobilize and remediate pressing threats.


The Managing Fraud Related to ePayments in a Business course provides an executive overview and management perspectives on the theories, best practices and methods to manage fraud with electronic and CNP Payments. Topics discussed include the methods to measure the health of a risk mitigation program and methods to set a more productive mindset for risk mitigation in a company. Tools, techniques, solutions, strategies, signals and outcomes are all discussed in the context of designing a fraud prevention strategy with the eCommerce Fraud: Moving from Tools to Solutions course. This is a core curriculum course that covers what constitutes a fraud solution and categorizes the many types of third party fraud tools while discussing the common terminology of fraud solutions and how to describe the capabilities needed to implement a fraud solution.

High Quality Training

We provide the highest quality professionally created and presented courses and Certification Tracks which are available on multiple platforms from anywhere in the world based on your schedule through our online training portal.

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"This comprehensive training is guiding you through all the basics of fraud management and is a great help when building up knowledge regarding ecommerce card not present fraud. I'd recommend this course to every new member of a fraud management team to get them kickstart the required skills and start understanding not only the nature of credit card fraud, but also how the credit card ecommerce infrastructure is working in general. The modules are well-explained and the access via is easy and convenient."

- C. Bründlinger, Payment and Fraud Manager, Travian Games GmbH

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