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Professional Certifications

Certification Tracks for different industries, job functions and levels of experience. W offer 10 online professional training and Certification Tracks designed for different industries, businesses and roles within the Customer Not Present channel. Our catalog includes Certification Tracks intended for CNP merchantsacquirers and payment service providers, as well as fraud vendors. Within the programs for each of these markets there are Certification Tracks aimed at specific job functions and roles including training programs for entry level, experienced sales and experienced risk personnel, as well as Certification Tracks for payment and fraud subject matter experts.

As an employer, how do you know how much experience in fraud and risk management an applicant has? As an employee or job seeker, how do you signal such experience and practical skills you've acquired? Online professional training and Certifications from provide the means to show your employer and your peers what you've accomplished in the industry.

Certifications for:

Experienced Sales Personnel

Sales Professional Certification


Acquiring Specialist Certification


Professional Certifications for Experienced Sales Personnel:

eCommerce Sales Professional - Those who complete this Certification understand more than the foundations of eCommerce payment processing and fraud management, they also understand the competitive market and diverse fraud vendor landscape, while knowing how to make sense of this market to provide client-specific solutions for managing payment fraud. The majority of eCommerce Sales Professionals take on roles within their organization where they aid in direct-to-client sales either directly or in a leadership and management role. These are individuals with deep knowledge and expertise in to what specific types of tools, techniques and services can fit a merchant's payment and risk management needs.

eCommerce Acquiring Specialist - A specialized training program intended for acquirer account management personnel that provides knowledge on common merchant related operational processes and tools related to fraud management ensuring success with client account management.

New to the Industry

Fraud Agent Certification


Payment Specialist Certification


Professional Certifications for those New to the Industry:

eCommerce Fraud Agent - Professionals certified by as eCommerce Fraud Agents have a strong understanding of how payment processing works for eCommerce, methods for validating and establishing trust in an identity in the CNP channel, and how to perform manual order risk reviews. More than 85 percent of eCommerce Fraud Agents worked for an eCommerce or multi-channel merchant at the time of certification. Many merchants have all new manual review staff hires, both permanent and seasonal, complete this certification. Fraud vendors, payment service providers and others who help merchant clients manage CNP fraud are candidates to take this certification as well.

eCommerce Payment Specialist - A specialized training program focused on providing individuals the information needed to effectively plan for, deliver and manage the most common forms of CNP payments in the industry.

Experienced Risk Personnel