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Globally Relevant  Training Programs

Regionally Focused

Subject Matter Expertise

The online training courses and Certification Tracks from The Fraud Practice are not US-centric. All of our courses and tracks provide "global" reference material with specific differences and influences discussed by different regions. The regional applicability of each course is listed on the course web page.


Different payment preferences, available fraud tools, fraud trends and many regional nuances exist across the countries and regions of the world. When designing a fraud strategy you will quickly find that what works effectively in the United States does not produce the same results abroad. Likewise you'll find that conversion rates are lower if you offer the same mix of payment options to customers in Germany as you do to customers in the United States.


If you have any questions about the applicability or fit of a training course or Career Track as it pertains to your country or region, please contact The Fraud Practice.


In addition to training programs with a global perspective, The Fraud Practice offers several training courses focused on regionally specific payment preferences and fraud trends. While credit cards are the preferred online payment method in the United States and in many other regions, accepting credit cards alone will cause you to turn away a lot of good business when selling abroad.​

Furthermore, there are many regional payment and fraud considerations when expanding sales, and The Fraud Practice offers courses specifically focused on these topics for the major eCommerce markets from the following regions:


  • North America

  • South America

  • Western Europe

  • Eastern Europe and the CIS

  • Asia-Pacific

  • Africa and the Middle East

Many of our training courses and Certification Tracks are focused on specific subjects or for specific job functions, such as with courses on Global Tax Implications and Compliance Requirements, or with several focused "Specialist" Career Tracks. While these programs are focused on specific subject matter they also incorporate international perspectives.

For example, discussions on compliance requirements not only include information about SOX in the United States, but similar legislations in other nations such as CLERP-9 and Turnbull Guidance. Multiple Certification Tracks and the eCommerce Compliance Requirements course also discuss European Union Directives affecting eCommerce in detail.

These international perspectives aren't limited to tax and compliance. Topics such as payment methods and preferences, fraud trends, available fraud tools and techniques, as well as other topics are discussed in detail including the pertinent regional and international differences and perspectives.

Our Online Training Portal

Through our online training portal you are able to access course lessons, quizzes and exams 24/7 and on your schedule. The online training portal is our web based system for attending lessons, downloading course materials as well as taking course quizzes and exams.

As you complete courses lessons or multiple courses as part of a Certification Track, your progress and grades are maintained through the system. Courses are broken down into 10 to 20 minute sessions which can be taken one lesson at a time with the progress maintained. Additionally, a lesson can be stopped and our online training portal offers fast and reliable online presentation.


Click below to view a sample of the training portal learning environment (account required)

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