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Building and Managing High Performing Risk Teams

As a manager or risk team leader, it is critical to lead and direct the allocation of personnel and resources to address both the short-term and long-term needs, whether it’s with using existing technology or deciding and prioritizing what needs an upgrade. This course, part of our Management Series, discusses and defines foundations and principles of team and resource management or allocation. This course defines the four pillars of risk management and an evaluation of time spent on four separate components, initiatives or tasks required to maintain an effective risk management strategy and solution.

Mitigating fraud requires effective management of risk and security teams to keep pace with a dynamic and evolving set of challenges. This course lays the foundation of effective management and allocation of risk teams and resources to detect and prevent fraud. This includes the definition, discussion and application of the primary components that describe required risk management capabilities and the types of tasks or initiatives an organization needs to perform to maintain an effective risk management strategy and highly functioning risk and security teams.

This is a new course that was released in March, 2018.

Key Concepts Covered:

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After completing this course you should be able to answer and discuss the following questions:
(1) What are the four pillars of risk management and what are examples of each related to risk management tasks or activities? (2) What are the four components of on-going risk management and what is the proper allocation of effort towards each? (3) What do we mean by Evolution and Revolution with respect to risk management strategies and solutions? (4) What are five principles related to managing effective fraud and risk teams? (5) What are the levels of data maturity and how do we evaluate where our organization stands?

Training Objectives: (1) Be able to discuss the four pillars of risk management as well as provide examples or discuss applications with regards to each (2) Be able to discuss and define the fundamental components of effective risk management and organizing risk teams with speed to include the four component evaluation method defined in this course. (3) Understand multiple principles for effective team management and why they are critical. (4) Learn how to assess your organization’s level of data maturity.

Expected time to complete training: 90-120 minutes (includes quizzes and exam)

Course Applicability:

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Prerequisites: This is advanced, management level course that assumes you are already well-versed in the foundations of risk management and understand types of fraud attacks (repeat fraud, morphing fraud, identity theft, account takeover) as well as many methods, techniques and tools for fraud detection and prevention.

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Online Training Course

Building and Managing High Performing Risk Teams online training course

Part of The Fraud Practice's Management Training Series, this course provides a detailed approach to managing fraud and security teams with examples and applications of two different ways of defining and describing how risk management is actually applied. This includes application of the four fundamental pillars of risk management as well as a four component effort and resource allocation plan for maintaing risk management strategies over the long-run.

Taking this course provides 1 Fraud Related Continuing Profession Education (CPE) credits for maintaing CFE credentials with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Find out more.

The material is spot on, especially for someone who is either building an internal fraud solution or choosing an external one.

M. Wrobleski
Director Fraud & Risk, GSN Digital